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GP explains how contraceptive pill can help manage endometriosis symptoms

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March marks endometriosis awareness month which aims to highlight the debilitating and common condition.Around 1.5 million people in the UK suffer from endometriosis, according to Endometriosis UK - a key reason why it’s so important to raise awareness so more people can recognise the signs and symptoms.As well as this, it's important to understand how they can seek treatment.

But what is endometriosis, is there a cure and can the contraceptive pill help with symptoms? Here is what you need to know.Dr Bhavini Shah, GP for LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor explains endometriosis is a condition where similar cells to those found in the uterus are elsewhere in the body.She explains: "Just like a period, the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle cause these cells to build up and break down, however the blood has no way of exiting the body, resulting in pain, inflammation and even scarring."The actual cause of endometriosis is unknown.

There are several theories about the cause of endometriosis, but none fully explains why endometriosis occurs." Common symptoms of endometriosis - often shortened to 'endo' - include: The doctor says you should speak to your GP if you're experiencing these symptoms.

You may be recommended treatments if your doctor believes you have endometriosis or you may be referred onto a gynaecologist who can help you further.If you are keen to get a definite diagnosis, ask about laparoscopic surgery.

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