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Rats, faeces, and unbearable odours plague family's home amid drainage disaster

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A distressed mother shared the horrors of living in a house with persistent drain issues, that led to unbearable odours and drains backed up with human waste.

Kellyanne Bennison has lived in the Liverpool Riverside housing association home for over 20 years, but she said that draining issues have now made the property unlivable.

The 40-year-old expressed serious concerns for her children's welfare, as she recounted a series of problems with the house - including a reported rat infestation and human waste coming up the pipes and into the bathroom sink used by the family.According to her, the severity of the drainage problem in the house went so far that even the waste from the neighbouring properties ended up at their place.

Kellyanne told the Liverpool Echo: "Problems started with little things like the sink getting blocked. Riverside would come out to fix it but gradually the issues would get worse."Eventually the drains began backing up into the property; there was faeces, urine, tissue paper - anything you could think of was coming into our home."When Riverside would come, they would unblock the drains and leave us with the clean-up.

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