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Celebrity Big Brother star rushed to hospital after 'breaking back'

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Celebrity Big Brother Luisa Zissman has shared that she was rushed to the hospital with a dreadful injury. Luisa Zissman revealed that the emergency had spoiled her holiday plans - which were to visit the Maldives.

Luisa, who finished fourth on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, took to Instagram to post a picture from the hospital with the caption: "Should have been in the Maldives." The next snap on her Instagram story was a video of a horse and she wrote, "Oh Tomato I can't wait to ride you again." She also posted a selfie of herself in a hospital bed with the caption: "Current situation." Panning the camera to a huge pile of Amazon boxes, she said: "I've just got home from hospital where I've been basically bed bound for two weeks and this is what happens when you spend all your time in bed - and the worst thing is my husband saw it all," reports Wales Online.The reality star chatted about the recent incident on her and Anna Williamson's podcast LuAnna.

Anna said: "She's not in the Maldives, she's in bed, where she has genuinely not moved for eight days," Luisa interjected saying: "I've been in bed for ages," to which Anna added: "She's broken her back." Luisa Zissman, who became famous on The Apprentice in 2013, revealed that she's been bedbound for eight days after discovering that she had broken her back a year ago without realising.

She said: "I've been in bed for eight days, I am feeling better. I'm not in as much pain anymore because I basically have really good meds, all prescribed, but I actually broke my back a year ago and I just didn't realise it at the time." Luisa also shared: "That isn't what's causing my pain but it doesn't help my situation that you can still see this fractured thing, a fractured back..

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