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Therapist shares top five most common early-on signs of autism in toddlers

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An expert has shared the top five most common signs of autism that he has seen in young children and toddlers.Conor McDonagh, owner and director of Caerus Therapies, is a specialist occupational therapist and frequently shares his expertise on his TikTok account.

These tips include the likes of sensory processing problems as well as how to support an autistic child in the best ways, reports Wales Online.

Conor has recently shared a video that details his top five signs of autism in toddlers. The video is captioned: "My experience on some of the most obvious signs of autism in toddlers."Conor specifies that he is talking about children aged 12 to 36 months in this video as he said: "It should be noted that typically we don't assess children until they're four years of age, so my perspective is coming from parents reporting back to when their children were this age." Conor explained: "The first most obvious sign from my perspective is when children have sensory processing difficulties.

They react very strongly to loud and sudden sounds or clothes feel, for example." The expert added: "The second most obvious sign is when children have repetitive movements, so they can flap their hands repetitively or they rock back and forth repetitively." Conor also said: "The third most obvious sign is when a child has delayed speech.

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