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Margot Robbie's go-to beauty gadget has launched a treatment plan to give you glass skin in 2 weeks

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Margot Robbie has been spoiling us with red carpet appearances over the last year and, despite the busy press schedule for the Barbie movie, her skin always looks flawless.The secret (aside from excellent genes)?

The ZIIP Halo beauty tool.The ZIIP Halo is a handheld gadget about the size of a phone that uses microcurrent and nanocurrent to lift and tone the facial muscles while also helping to repair and rejuvenate the skin.

Also counting Jennifer Aniston and Eva Mendes as fans, it often sells out, but it's back in stock on the ZIIP website and Currentbody now for £379. * ZIIP Halo Nanocurrent and Microcurrent Facial Toning Device, £379 from Currentbody As with other microcurrent devices, the ZIIP Halo's face-toning benefits are widely known, but because it also features nanocurrent technology, it also makes your skin look brighter and more radiant – and to really see these results, ZIIP has put together a treatment plan that it says will give you glass skin in as little as two weeks.

A popular skincare trend originating from Korea, glass skin refers to a flawless, smooth, glowing complexion, not unlike a sheet of glass.The effect if typically created by layering up lots of lightweight hydrating products, but ZIIP says you can get the effect just with its Halo and its conductive silver gel.Those who have the Halo simply need to look on the ZIIP app for the Glass Skin Treatment Plan, which takes your through a curated 14-day programme using the device, including facial routines such as 'Founder's Favorite', 'All Inclusive' and 'Electric Tone'.

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