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Is Everyone Solo Dating Without Me? Why Solitude Is the Next Big Wellness Trend

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may come and go, but your relationship with yourself is forever. Why cherish it less than other ? That's where the concept of solo dating comes in.Solo dating, also known as self dating and sometimes even (unfortunately) “masturdating,” is embracing life without a plus one, and therefore, sans external validation.

The whole point is to stop waiting around for someone to join you and do what you want anyway, and embark on that on “romantic” or otherwise fun activity typically reserved for traditional dates or groups.

Think: dinner and a movie, music festivals, going bowling, or singing karaoke.“People are recognizing the importance of investing in their and trying activities they want to experience instead of putting them on hold while waiting for a partner to join them,” Psy.D, a clinical psychologist specializing in helping women boost self esteem, tells Glamour. "Additionally, it’s easy to become burnt out with modern dating, and many people are taking breaks from dating apps because they notice how it’s affecting their mood and want to spend time more intentionally.”Spending time alone obviously isn't a new concept, but letting go of the idea that we need other people in order to do the things we want can be a form of wellness and self care in today's frenetic world. “We use dating to get to know someone and build a relationship with them.

With solo dating, you're getting to know yourself and deepen the relationship with yourself,” says , PhD, LP, a Minneapolis-based psychologist. “It might include treating yourself like you would treat someone you're dating: spending undistracted attention on yourself, being curious about yourself, planning fun activities, or going to enjoyable restaurants or coffee shops.”This.

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