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Kesha reveals near fatal health scare sparked by freezing her eggs: 'It was horrifying'

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Kesha was involved in a near fatal experience after undergoing a fertility procedure. The "TiK ToK" singer, 36, revealed just how serious things got while detailing her health complications in Self magazine's June cover story. "I almost died in January," Kesha said.

She explained that the complications partially stemmed from her CVID diagnosis last year. CVID, or Common variable immunodeficiency, is "an immune system disorder that causes you to have low levels of the proteins that help fight infections," according to the Mayo Clinic.

She made the decision to freeze her eggs last year, telling the outlet, "I just was taking my reproductive health into my own hands." Weeks later, she ended up in the hospital.

Doctors told her she had a rare complication from the fertility procedure, partially because of her weakened immune system. "I finally feel recovered, but it took a couple months," Kesha explained, adding that "it was horrifying." After her 2022 diagnosis — and her battle with bulimia in 2014 — Kesha is now prioritizing being kinder to herself. "If I just am kinder to myself, everything seems way more manageable.

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