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Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Relationship Update: Couple in Therapy & 'Trying to Make Things Work'

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There’s been another update on Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly‘s romance. If you forgot, the A-list couple sparked breakup concerns over a year ago.

Since then, they have reconciled, though there have been continued questions about where they stand. A source close to them provided some information about how they are doing, confirming that they were in therapy and trying to make things work.

The insider also explained why the couple has kept their relationship status quiet as they navigate the ups and downs. Keep reading to find out more… Megan and MGK are “taking things one day at a time with their relationship,” the source told ET. “They are continuing to go to therapy, be fully transparent with each other about their feelings, and have consistent communication,” they continued, adding, “They have dealt with some trust issues, but are both making a continual effort to stay committed to their mutual end goal of being together forever.” One thing that has been “key for them” is that they are “respecting each other’s space when needed.” The insider stressed that they are “doing their best to make things work.” As for why things have been quiet, the source said that they are making an effort to protect their children from the drama and speculation. Megan is a mom to three, and MGK has a daughter. “They are trying to keep their relationship issues as private as possible and protect their children from any drama or outside noise,” the source said.

At the moment, the couple seems to be going strong. They were just spotted out together at a big event. However, Megan did recently share some advice for single women.

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