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Red Light Therapy for Hair Growth Devices, According to Dermatologists

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!)–seems to be a surefire solution for anyone wanting thicker, healthier strands.But, um, does this popular treatment actually ?

And is it worth the hefty price tag (think: hundreds, and sometimes several thousand dollars, for a single )? We consulted dermatologists for the all the must-know intel on what red light therapy can–and can’t–do for your mane, plus which products are worth trying.Below are five devices, including three recommended by experts, worth considering.LaserCap HD+LasercapType: Cap | FDA Approved or Cleared?: Cleared | Return Policy: Can return within one year for 25% return fee (plus any shipping charges, credit card fees, or taxes)Recommended by , a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist in NYC, this is an FDA-cleared device for treating both male- and female-pattern hair loss.

Spoiler: It’s super pricey (there is a monthly payment option to reduce up-front costs), but the benefits are legit. “The device allows for full scalp coverage and is portable, allowing patients to resume daily activities while undergoing treatment,” Green says.Revian Red Hair Growth SystemRevian, an associate professor and program director of dermatology at Wayne State University, in Detroit only recommends products that are proven to work, and the science certainly supports this device: In a 2017 double-blind, placebo-controlled study of adult men and women with pattern baldness, Revian Red was shown to be an effective treatment alternative to chemical-based topicals (like minoxidil which is found in OTC ) and prescription drugs (like finasteride), according to .

Another plus: The cap format, which you control through a smartphone app, is “convenient, since you can treat the whole scalp at once,” Dr.

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