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Anitta Details Five Months of Hospitalization Amid Mystery Illness & Thinking She Was 'Going to Die'

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Anitta is opening up about her health. The 31-year-old Brazilian superstar got candid with about her 2022 health scare that led to a hospitalization that lasted for months, which caused her to believe she was going to die amid a mystery illness. “I was super, super unhealthy,” she said, adding that after she contracted COVID-19 in 2022, “right after … I got these crazy symptoms.” Toward the end of 2022, after touring across Europe, she became severely ill and was rushed to the hospital, where she remained hospitalized for the next five months while doctors tried figure out what was wrong. Keep reading to find out more… Anitta said she thought she “was going to die.” “I got really sick and was so physically ill I couldn’t work, and I hadn’t stopped working in so many years,” she said. “It was a big wake up call that I physically couldn’t do many things that I loved doing because of my health.

I had to take time to take care of myself.” Doctors had no answers or diagnosis for the singer. Amid her hospital stay, Anitta said: “I just wasted so much time of my life trying to reach goals, and please people and be a success,” and the health scare “changed (her) whole mentality, and that’s why I made this album.” “I made (Funk Generation) in the hospital…I was like, I want an album like this — in case I die I’m going to leave an album that I’m proud of,” she said. “I’m really proud of this album, and I didn’t do it thinking about streams and algorithms and numbers.

I thought just about having fun and loving what I did.” Anitta said she never received a diagnosis or explanation for her illness.

However, she did recover and is back in good health, both physically and mentally. “After my health issues, I started taking

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