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10 Life Choices We Will All Regret in 10 Years if We Aren’t Careful

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“If only…” Those two words paired together create one of the saddest phrases in the English language.In the end, more than anything else, we regret the small chances we didn’t take, the priceless opportunities we were too busy to nurture, and the good decisions we waited too long to make.

Angel and I have learned this over the past 15 years from the countless hours we’ve spent coaching hundreds of clients, students, and live event attendees from around the world.

The exact same regrets pop up in the personal stories people share with us, time after time.Here are ten incredibly common and specific life choices that ultimately lead to that “If only…” phrase of regret, and how to elude them on the average day:We tend to forget that most people judge us based on experiences from their own life that have absolutely nothing to do with us.

For example, a person might assume things about you based on a troubled past experience they had with someone else who looks somewhat like you.

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