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BBC Countryfile's Matt Baker announces career move amid recent health setback

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Countryfile star Matt Baker has announced some big career news, revealing that he's heading to Channel 4 with a brand new series.The TV presenter, who previously hosted The One Show, is fronting Baker's Britain - a travel show that celebrates the extraordinary people in the UK.The show will take viewers around England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland as Matt, 46, meets lots of interesting people who love what they do and help make Britain special.

Matt Baker said in a statement: "This new series encompasses everything we love as a production company celebrating the people who make Britain great. "We look forward to filming in all four nations continuing our successful relationship with Deborah Dunnett and Channel 4." Matt's latest career update comes just one month after he found himself being treated for a herniated disc.The presenter reached out to his fans in February, letting them know that he had received a nerve block injection for the back problem.

A herniated disc is when a disc in your spine moves and can hurt if it squashes nerves. It usually gets better with rest, exercises, and medicine. "Any advice for a herniated disc …?

For a long time now I’ve been dealing with a herniated disc- as an ex gymnast it’s hard not to be able to bend forward," he wrote on Instagram. "So I decided to have a nerve block injection - what a brilliant surgeon and lovely NHS team it was that did my treatment Thank you all! (also a big thanks to the nurse who used to watch me on Blue Peter - the buttered toast was amazing!)" He added that he went to Champneys to recover. "Big thanks also to my friends at Champneys for helping me with my rehab it’s a very special place.

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