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Donors making a difference: Setting goals, producing results

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Countries are making gains against liver disease through hepatitis B vaccination. Above, newly vaccinated triplets in Kyrgyzstan © WHO/Almaz ZhumalievAt this week’s 76th World Health Assembly Member States take stock of the work and progress done, while assessing the challenges, and planning for the future.

One of the items in the packed agenda is the Results Report for 2022, a comprehensive look back at work and progress towards the triple billion targets, outcomes, outputs, based on the indicators of the results framework of the WHO General Programme of Work 13.The report shows a period of remarkable progress in protecting people from diseases, health risks and harm.

Amongst the highlights:The world’s first malaria vaccine is reducing illness and saving lives.Lower-income countries have gained pandemic tools, including an mRNA hub in South Africa to expand vaccine manufacturing and a new Pandemic Fund for prevention, preparedness and response.WHO’s Contingency Fund for Emergencies released nearly US$ 90 million to respond to 70 health emergencies, acting in as little as 24 hours.Taking aim at superbugs, new international targets were set on the use of antimicrobial agents across animal, farming and health sectors.These achievements, and many more presented in the report, were made possible by support from WHO’s Member States and others who have contributed funds, expertise, time, and energy.This week’s collection of stories focuses on how WHO continues to focus on results in 2023.Video: 75 years of improving healthSee also: WHO at 75 years: Combatting 21st century health challengesTrachoma eliminated in Benin and MaliTrachoma, a blinding bacterial disease, has been eliminated as a public health problem in Benin, Mali

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Josh Shapiro - Philadelphia Flyers - Philadelphia sports teams donate $50K to build trust for daughter of tank driver killed in I-95 collapse - - state Pennsylvania - city Philadelphia
Philadelphia sports teams donate $50K to build trust for daughter of tank driver killed in I-95 collapse
PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly love and is a great example of how wonderful things can happen when you come together. In just 12 days, Philadelphia work crews finished reconstructing the collapsed portion of I-95 and reopened the roadway to motorists who depended on the critical roadway. Despite the success of the rebuilding, tragedy lingers due to the death of 53-year-old Nathaniel Moody, the tanker truck driver who died in the I-95 off-ramp crash that sparked a fire and the subsequent collapse.  Related Family members have identified a man they say was driving a tanker truck at the center of the I-95 fire and collapse as a local father.Family members described Moody as a father and experienced driver with a lot of experience. "He wanted to raise his girl to know what a good Dad was, to know what a hardworking Dad was," Issac Moody said. "He didn't drink, he didn't smoke, he damn-sure didn't use any drugs." RELATED COVERAGEOn Friday, the same day temporary lanes opened on the collapsed stretch of the roadway, officials announced donations to support Moody's daughter. According to Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro's office, the Philadelphia Flyers, Eagles, Phillies, 76ers and Union joined forces to donate $50,000 to Moody's family to build a trust for his daughter. The cousin of a truck driver whose truck flipped and sparked a fire that destroyed part of I-95 in Philadelphia is searching for answers.
Jim Kenney - Mike Carroll - I-95 to reopen in Philadelphia Friday: officials - - state Pennsylvania - city Philadelphia
I-95 to reopen in Philadelphia Friday: officials
PHILADELPHIA - The collapsed stretch of I-95 is reopening sooner than expected, as Governor Josh Shapiro and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Secretary Mike Carroll will officially reopen the highway at noon Friday.Festivities will begin 10:30 with the governor and Carroll, along with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and Philadelphia Building Trades members and contractors, with the official reopening set for noon.PennDOT Secretary Mike Carroll says teams have been working on the rebuilding process and thinking outside of the box to get the interstate back open. >> I-95 Philadelphia collapse: What you need to know about the damaged highway, reconstruction"We, PennDOT, have approached this challenge and our partners in the city, we wanted to think outside the box. We wanted to make sure that we employed every strategy we could think of to try and get I-95 open in both directions," Carroll said. Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation Mike Carroll discusses how crews will use a NASCAR jet dryer from Pocono Raceway to help finish working on I-95 through a stretch of rainy days.Here's what you need to know about the temporary lanes that make up the roadway: The roadway is made up of high-tech, lightweight and durable aggregate created by AeroAggregates in Eddystone.