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'I get asked to cast spells on cheating husbands'

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A real-life witch says she uses her abilities to help others – from performing exorcisms to "empowering" women to leave cheating partners.

Joanne Lindsay, from Gorton, discovered she had a gift following a series of traumatic life events. The 45-year-old was just a teenager when she was diagnosed with lupus, an incurable condition which affects the immune system. READ MORE: 'I ditched my 9 to 5 as a plumber to work on a cruise ship - I don't pay bills and earn £3k a month travelling the world' At the age of 20, Joanne was told she wouldn't be able to conceive and that her condition could have fatal complications.

Despite this, she fell pregnant and welcomed a son seven years later – but a terrifying twist of fate awaited her. Just one year after giving birth, Joanne’s body “shut down” due to complications from her lupus, leaving her 10 stone heavier and needing to use a wheelchair.

The mum-of-one spent the following decade being looked after by a carer while falling into a deep pit of depression. Everything came to a head when Joanne sadly tried to take her own life, which she says led to a spiritual awakening which changed her life forever.

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