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“Mastering the Head Game:” 6 Life-Changing Insights from ADHD Gurus

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“Living with ADHD is a breeze,” said no one ever with the condition. Between distractibility and forgetfulness, and the daily flood of emotions and insecurities, coping with ADHD takes patience, resilience, and a generous dash of humor.To help our readers better manage symptoms and manifestations, ADDitude turned to the pros in the field of ADHD and asked: What do you want your patients/clients/caregivers to know to make life better?Every day poses hurdles.

Use your innate creativity to turn the challenges into opportunities. And when you mess up, as we all do, forgive yourself — immediately.

The world loves punctuality and rewards it lavishly, while punishing tardiness with a vengeance. No one ever changed the world by virtue of their punctuality.Next Steps:When someone needs physical care, they often also need support in their life administration.

Household cleaning, laundry, and meal planning are obvious tasks to consider. However, the invisible work of managing mail, bills, insurance claims, doctors’ appointments, tax payments, and other correspondence is often overlooked.

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