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Nicole Kidman Confirms She's Talking with Reese Witherspoon About 'Big Little Lies' Season 3, Reveals They Have a Plan to Reunite A-List Cast!

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Nicole Kidman shared an update on Big Little Lies season 3! The 56-year-old actress starred in the first two seasons of the hit HBO show, and there’s been talk of a third season over the years.Keep reading to find out more… Nicole confirmed that she and Reese Witherspoon, who also starred in the first two seasons, have been texting about a third season.

She shared with Elle, “There’s the richness of the storylines, which we’d always discussed, but it needed time [between seasons] because there’s actual unbelievable depth to the next chapter of these women’s lives and their children’s lives—because children grow up, and that’s kind of fascinating.” Nicole added there’s “a timeline in place for making it happen with the rest of the cast—which she cheekily declines to share.” The show’s stars, which also include Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz, Shailene Woodley, and Meryl Streep, are all so busy, but they’ve formed real friendships through the show. “I think when you’re all scattered and never sort of cross paths, it’s very, very different.

But when you’re all still very intertwined, that’s what makes it doable, because there’s a willingness and you want to spend time together,” Nicole said. Nicole also shared that her daughter, Sunday, is sort of partially responsible for another season being discussed! Nicole said, “My daughter is the one who watched both of the series and went, ‘Okay, there’s just no question, there has to be a third.’ She’s like, ‘Celeste, she’s not coping in the second one, what is she doing?

I could kind of see the point of view of Mary Louise.’” Find out where Shailene said she wants to see her character in the third season.

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