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Surgeon explains 'innocent' habit most of us do that could lead to vision loss

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A leading surgeon has issued a stark warning about a common habit that could lead to sight loss.Dr Mark Wilkins, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at OCL Vision, has cautioned against frequently rubbing your eyes, a practice he says "we are all guilty of".

While it may seem like an innocent habit, it could actually be doing damage to eyes and could have terrible consequences.As reported by Wales Online, he warned: "We are all guilty of rubbing our eyes from time to time and as long as your hands are clean and it is not often, you won't encounter any issues.

However, if it develops into a habit, this could put your eyes at risk of infection or even long term damage to your sight."He also explained why we might develop this habit, stating: "You are more likely to feel the urge to rub your eyes if you suffer from seasonal allergies, or have a foreign body in them such as a piece of dirt or an eyelash.

Conditions such as dry eye disease can also make you want to itch your eyes.""So can blepharitis, a malfunction of grease glands in the eye lids that causes the lids to become inflamed and for dried grease to fall into the eye and irritate it.

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