Top 12 Books Every Young Entrepreneur Should Read

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If you’re a young entrepreneur, it’s easy to get lured by the drive to execute your ambitions as soon as possible. However, before jumping in, it’s crucial to amass the proper knowledge to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed.The following books were conceptualized, written, and published by successful entrepreneurs who have walked down the road you intend to follow.

Their challenges, wisdom, and tips are exceptional tools that can help you pave your path to success with minimal risk, making these a fantastic read for anyone aspiring to become the next business powerhouse.If you’re an entrepreneur building your business from scratch, you often have to come to terms with the very real possibility that your startup will succumb before reaching its true potential.

In Buy Then Build, Deibel proposes you avoid the early death often found within the startup phase by skipping it altogether through acquisition entrepreneurship—buying existing small companies and improving upon them.Like many more before him, Sinek wondered what differentiates the world’s great leaders from the common folk.His study of significant leadership figures across the decades led to his development of The Golden Circle, a principle he believes is the foundational stone of great organizations, movements, and projects.

And it all starts with one question: why?Why do organizations do what they do? Why do they exist? Why do customers prefer them?

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