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Watch Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja read letter from doctor witnessing “catastrophe” for newborn babies in Rafah

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Massive Attack‘s Robert Del Naja has posted a video reading a letter from a doctor describing a “catastrophe” for newborn babies in Rafah – watch it below.As part of the Voices for Gaza initiative, Dej Naja has joined Brian Eno, members of Fontaines D.C., R.E.M, Bastille and more in reading out letters from Palestinians in Gaza.The letter is from a gynaecologist who worked in a hospital in Rafah, returning from Gaza on March 25.

The city is currently sheltering nearly 1.4million displaced residents across the Gaza Strip, and was targeted in a series of Israeli airstrikes that has reportedly killed at least 45 people, spawning the popular hashtag #AllEyesOnRafah.Del Naja reads: “I’ve been in humanitarian medicine for over 25 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen people bombed and unable to flee.

It’s a catastrophe. People are sad; the only thing that makes them happy is a birth. But as soon as there’s a birth, there are two problems: milk and diapersThe letter describes the living conditions women have to endure, continuing: “There’s no room in the hospital, and women have to leave three to six hours after giving birth.

All these women are tired – most eat too little and are anemic. They give birth without epidurals, and then have to leave with their babies to sleep in a tent.

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