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How to Talk to Kids About Cancer, According to Experts and a Mom Who's Been There

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, 43, shared she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer after taking a . Then Catherine, Princess of Wales, 42, finally put an end to the internet’s where-is-Kate-Middleton fever when she too .Their announcements followed published last year which found a troubling trend in cancer rates: They’re rising in young people.

Currently, women in the U.S. have a roughly six percent chance of developing cancer before turning 50, according to the . But that number could increase by as much as 30% by the end of the decade, according to estimates.In other words, the conversations sparked by Middleton and Munn aren’t likely to go away.

As young women dealing with the disease, we’re suddenly all talking about cancer screenings in a way that will undoubtedly save lives.

And for parents, they’re helping to start another vital conversation: how to talk to your kids about cancer.Samantha Harris, an entertainment host and mom of two in California, was diagnosed with in 2014 after finding a lump just eleven days after a normal mammogram.

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