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ITV Emmerdale's Billy star on cancer fears for 3 young children amid heartbreaking storyline

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For most actors, having a baby on set is a delight – they bring an element of surprise to scenes and no one can deny their cuteness.

But for father-of-three Jay Kontzle, who plays Emmerdale’s Billy Fletcher, having children on set then going home to his own has been difficult at times – especially with the nature of his storyline, as Billy’s baby is diagnosed with leukaemia. “It was difficult when we got the storyline because I’d just had another baby in real life,” says Jay, who welcomed a son, Xiao, in November 2022 with his wife, Mimi. “Now I’m worried about my own child and watching him grow – I don’t want something like this happening. “It happens with everyone, especially as a parent, you become a lot more concerned.That’s why these stories are pivotal in shows, they make you think about it more and become more aware. "At times this story does grate on me because I’m stressed about my own kids and making sure I’m spending enough time with them, because nothing’s certain, you don’t know what’s around the corner.

I get home and it’s full on – one of my children doesn’t sleep at all. It’s more peaceful coming to work!” Billy and his wife Dawn (played by Olivia Bromley) welcomed a son, Evan, last December.

But their baby bliss is about to end as Evan is diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, throwing the family into chaos.

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