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Red flag symptoms of common condition that can cause depression and memory loss

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People in the UK are being urged to know the red flag symptoms of a very common condition that can cause a range of nasty side effects, from depression to breathing problems.Thyroid diseases, which can happen when the thyroid glands are either too active or not active enough, can be a real struggle to cope with.

Having problems with your thyroid means that your body may not get enough of essential hormones that the thyroid gland creates, which control vital functions.

So, in light of World Thyroid Day falling on May 25, medical negligence expertsat Patient Claim Line have released advice on what symptoms to look out for and who is at risk of the condition.

The thyroid gland creates hormones that control vital functions in the body, but having an excess or lack of the hormone can cause thyroid disease, leading to muscle aches, feeling tired and fluctuations in weight.Hyperthyroidism is where the gland produces too much of the hormone whilst hypothyroidism is when it doesn't produce enough.

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