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Kate Garraway tearful on GMB as she confronts Health Secretary but 'it's not about Derek'

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Kate Garraway became tearful during Thursday's Good Morning Britain as she confronted the Health Secretary Steve Barclay, revealing she had been trying to contact him to no avail.

The TV presenter, 56, has been caring for her husband Derek Draper after he was left needing round-the-clock care after spending more than a year in hospital as the UK's worst-affected surviving Covid patient.

And despite her high profile, Kate revealed that she has been unable to contact the Health Secretary, leading to her confronting him live on-air during an interview on GMB today, 14 September.

She began: "I'd actually like to get in contact with you privately, I don't want to ambush you on air but I have been trying to contact you." Adding that she had managed to contact the Shadow Health Secretary, Wes Streeting, she continued: "It's not about Derek, by the way, this is not about trying to get something for him. "This is about representing millions of people across the country who, like me, in one hand feel like they're holding the life of their loved one and in the other hand, I don't wan to cry, are punching away at a system. "And it isn't about money actually, I've got five points that I'd love to meet with you about, if you would return some of my attempts to contact you." Steve replied that he wasn't made aware that Kate had been trying to contact him, but that he would meet with her on the back of the interview.

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