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Kate Garraway worries over 'brutal honesty' amid Derek Draper health battle

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Kate Garraway has shared an unboxing video as she opens the first copy of her new book, The Strength of Love, which details her life caring for her husband Derek Draper after he fell ill with Covid.

Posting a video to Instagram, the Good Morning Britain presenter, 56, penned the caption: "Now it all feels real!! Tomorrow my new book #strengthoflove is published (link in bio) so excited for you to see it & really hope it helps YOU!! "Strange slightly nerve-wracking feeling now it’s so close - wondering whether my brutal honesty was the right way to go?!! "But sugar coating never helps anyone in the long term and would be so unfair on the millions of others who don’t have a voice in the way I am so lucky too." She continued: "Let me know your thoughts when you get your hands on one like I did today. "Infact @whsmithofficial @waterstones from tomorrow have signed copies if you fancy it!! #love #sticktogether #gratitude @bonnierbooks_uk @smoothradio" Fans were quick to comment on the video, with many sharing how they were looking forward to reading the book, with one writing: "Mines on order and can’t wait to read although have also ordered it on audio so again can’t wait for you to read to me xx" "I have give a lot of credit for your bravery and encouragement.

U truly didn't give up your hope. I know it very hard but I admire ur fighting spirit" added another. While a third penned: "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

You’ve shown this so well and have helped a lot of people I’m sure. "Not quite sure how on earth you found the time to accomplish this but a big Well done on your book [book emoji] I will be ordering this for sure.Thank you for restoring my faith in people xxx" The book's publication.

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