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Lydia Bright's go-to £32 eyelid lifting strips give an instant eye lift without surgery

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While skincare is crucial in the fight against ageing, there are certain things that even the most meticulous skincare routine can't fix.

One such issue is drooping eyelids, which can start to sag over time as the levator muscle, responsible for holding up your lids, stretches and weakens with age.

Even though a good eye cream can delay this process, usually the only way to completely rectify sagging lids is through a surgical eye lift.

However, former The Only Way is Essex star Lydia Bright has discovered an incredible product that delivers the same results as an eye lift without the need for surgery; the Contours Rx Lids by Design Eyelid Lift Strip, available on Amazon for £32.75 here (was £34.47).

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