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Nicola Sturgeon's sister shares cryptic Kate cancer message before official reveal

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Nicola Sturgeon's sister appeared to break news of Princess Kate's illness on social media - 25 minutes before the official announcement.Gillian Sturgeon shared a "get well soon" post on Facebook at 5.35pm hinting at the royal's cancer on Friday.

The former First Minister’s sibling wrote: "Get well soon Princess Kate. After this awful news I hope the media leave her in peace to recover." Kensington Palace shared Kate's video message announcing she had been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer at 6pm, the Mirror reports.Gillian Sturgeon later back-pedalled and deleted the post after facing criticism for sharing the news before the Princess revealed her condition, blocking "trolls" who hit back at her.Gillian's elder sister Nicola meanwhile is still a serving member of the Privy Council, a role she has held since 2014 when she took over the premiership from Alex Salmond. Join the Daily Record's WhatsApp community here and get the latest news sent straight to your messages. His Majesty's Privy Council is a panel of elected officials serving as advisors to the sovereign, and has existed in some form since the 13th century.It's currently chaired by Lord President Penny Mordaunt, who carried the Sword of State into Westminster Abbey during last year's Coronation procession.

The council is there to serve as a link between elected politicians and the sovereign.After posting the likely well-intentioned 'get well soon' post, Gillian was asked if her sister had told her about Kate's cancer given her position on the council.In turn she claimed she had read the news online. "My sister and I haven't spoken in 3 days," Gillian wrote. "I read online.

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