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Passenger rushed to hospital after 'suspected attempted suicide' on plane

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A flight passenger has been rushed to hospital as soon as a plane landed in London after reportedly attempting to take their own life in the toilet.It's understood that the incident happened on flight BR67 from Bangkok to London on Friday, March 15.

The passenger was found by flight attendants and the on-board doctor on the EVA Air plane while it was descending.Staff suspected they were trying to end their life and first aid was given.

The person was taken treatment after the plane landed, the incident has been confirmed by the airline, reports the Mirror.The plane arrived at a London airport which is yet to be confirmed, at around 7.30pm on the same day, where local medical staff and police took over the transport to the hospital for treatment.Although this wasn't an emergency landing, it comes after an easyJet flight was forced to divert to Manchester Airport this month after a passenger suffered a medical emergency.

A spokesperson for the airport said it's understood a passenger with a heart issue was "feeling unwell" and the plane "diverted as a precaution".

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