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5 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Enneagram 8 Woman (A Dangerous Personality Type)

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More like doing you a favor. Okay, okay maybe they’re not right every time, but we would still discourage you from ignoring an Enneagram 8 woman’s advice at your own risk.

Their wisdom comes from hard-earned experience and knowledge, as most Enneagram 8s tend to be forced to tackle tough circumstances from a young age and develop exquisite resourcefulness as a result.

They earned their resilience and know how to leverage their strengths masterfully and they know the right and wrong path to take, so long as they balance that with empathy and tact.

They have done the calculations, they possess sharp intuition, and they usually know what works best in any situation that involves some kind of “winning” or “overcoming” because they have had to be problem-solvers their whole lives.

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