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BBC Antiques Roadshow Scots star Theo Burrell's health journey after incurable brain cancer diagnosis

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BBC Antiques Roadshow expert Theo Burrell has faced a difficult few years after being diagnosed with cancer in 2022. Theo, 36, was left devastated at the news which came just one year after the birth of her son Jonah.The Scottish television star has an aggressive form of cancer, grade four glioblastoma.

The mum-of-one feared the cancerous cells could spread from her brain, as she has undergone surgery since to shrink the size of its growth.But where has this left her now?

She's still battling with side effects following the treatment which has shrunk the cancer to around ten percent according to reports in the Mirror.

She suffers from headaches and bouts of nausea as she battles the condition.Theo, who lives in Edinburgh, explained that she has heartbreakingly accepted that cancer will "take her life" but it hasn't stopped her advocating for better support and awareness of the condition."I’ve heard what my oncologist and surgeon said.

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