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Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent reveals health scare on cruise as she asks for advice

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Former Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent has opened up on the ‘annoying’ health condition she has developed on a family holiday.

The 31 year old actress, who played Sophie Webster on the cobbles for almost 20 years, took to Instagram to seek advice from fans after getting prickly heat while on a sun-soaked cruise.

Brooke revealed she was suffering from the condition as she uploaded a bikini selfie that showed her reddened chest. The actress said: “So ...

I have early stages of prickly heat! It doesn't always happen which is annoying A F. "Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on how to help soothe or stop it please?" Prickly heat - also known as heat rash - is usually harmless and tends to get better on its own after a few days.The symptoms are small, raised spots, an itchy, prickly feeling and mild swelling.The main thing to do is keep skin cool to avoid sweating and irritating the rash.This can be done by wearing loose cotton clothing, taking cool showers and drinking plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

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