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Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing for hospices

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LFD) testing for patient-facing staff presenting with symptoms of COVID-19, symptomatic patients where having COVID-19 will affect their clinical management and for outbreak testing.This guidance has been updated in line with changes to testing from 1 April 2023.Most patients and non-patient-facing staff who have symptoms of a respiratory infection no longer need to take an LFD test for COVID-19.Only patient-facing staff and eligible patients for COVID-19 treatments need to take a LFD test if they develop .

Staff that carry out duties away from patients, such as back office staff, are ‘non-patient-facing members of staff’. Members of staff who provide direct care to patients are ‘patient-facing staff’.

should discuss with their line manager and follow locally agreed protocols before they return to work in direct care activities.Rapid response testing for suspected outbreaks is no longer needed.

Instead, the first 5 patients with symptoms of a respiratory infection should take an LFD test to identify if there is an outbreak and the pathogen involved.

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