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Scots rugby player diagnosed with serious auto-immune disease after noticing rash that 'wouldn't go away'

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A Scots rugby player discovered he had a serious auto-immune disease when discovering a rash after a game that wouldn't go away.

Chris Clarke was 18 when he first noticed a rash once he washed mud off his face following a match. Following tests Chris was diagnosed with lupus - a disease that sees your body's immune system attack your own tissues and organs.

The disease causes severe inflammation which can affect major organs, including kidneys, blood cells, the brain, heart and lungs.And Chris was left fighting for his life after the disease attacked his kidneys and caused him to have a transplant of the vital organ, Edinburgh Live reports.Chris, who was fairly healthy before his diagnosis, only had a visible symptom he had was the "butterfly rash".

Chris suddenly found himself dealing with three different consultants looking after him and started medications, but he admits he didn't feel much different.

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