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Bon Jovi talk “joyous” new album and battling health problems: “We’re not dead yet”

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Jon Bovi Jovi has spoken to NME about the “joyous” new Bon Jovi album ‘Forever’, his ongoing recovery from vocal surgery, the chances of an ABBA Voyage-style hologram show as well as being inspired by The Rolling Stones and Taylor Swift.‘Forever’ is Bon Jovi’s 16th studio album and is due for release June 7 in time to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary.

Speaking about the decision to release new music instead of leaning into the nostalgia of the milestone, Jon Bon Jovi explained: “I’ve never had a shortage of thoughts and ideas for new music.

We’ve always wanted to continue striving to make great albums.”‘Forever’ also follows on from the four-part Disney+ documentary Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story that premiered earlier this year.“You’re supposed to die after you see your life flash before your eyes,” he joked, “but we’re not dead yet.”Bon Jovi originally reached out to director Gotham Chopra after seeing his Tom Brady documentary series Man In The Arena. “If he understands a sports team, he’ll understand a band,” he reasoned. “From the start, we all agreed that we didn’t want a puff piece.

We wanted four decades, four episodes, and that’s as much direction as we gave Chopra before I shook his hand and left him to it.”Thank You, Goodnight was released in April and Bon Jovi has found the positive response “mind-blowing”.Equally mind-blowing, he explained, was the response to ‘Forever’ lead single ‘Legendary’ – giving the band their highest Billboard charting position in over a decade.“Obviously every artist is ecstatic about their new album, otherwise why would you put it out, but to have ‘Legendary’ become a hit?

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