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‘Felicity’ actor Erich Anderson dead at 67 after ‘brutal’ cancer battle

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According to his obituary, he died of cancer on May 31.His wife, actress Saxon Trainor, shared the news via Instagram over the weekend. “My husband Erich died this morning,” Trainor, 60, wrote. “I am sharing my brother-in-law Michael O’Malley’s words as I am too bereft now to write anything.”O’Malley’s statement revealed that Anderson died after a “brutal” cancer battle.“He had a long successful career as an actor—he was on that old show 30 something; he was Felicity’s father on Felicity; he was killed in a basement in a Friday the 13th movie: he was on Star Trek and dozens of other shows,” O’Malley continued. “He was a smart and funny guy, a fantastic cook; he wrote three great novels which you can find on Amazon.

I’ll miss him but his ordeal is over.”Anderson played Keri Russell’s TV dad, Dr. Edward Porter, on “Felicity.”Eve Gordon, who played Felicity’s mom, Barbara Porter, paid tribute to Anderson after learning of his passing.“My beautiful friend, Erich Anderson, has said goodbye,” Gordon, 63, wrote on Instagram. “He was a magnificent part of the world.

I loved him. I wish you’d known him, there was no one like him.”She continued: “So funny, so open to whatever the day brought him, so wickedly cynical and joyous at once.

After JJ [Abrams] and Matt [Reeves] on Felicity made us get divorced, I saw him less on set, but was always happy when we found each other in LA, we’d hang out and talk for hours.

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