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Former T-ARA singer Areum addresses suicide attempt: “The hospital said it was a miracle I survived”

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T-ARA singer Areum has addressed her recent suicide attempt and subsequent hospitalisation on Instagram.On March 27, South Korean media reported that Areum had been taken to a hospital after attempting to take her own life.

The news came a day after Areum accused her ex-husband, businessman Kim Young-gul, of being physically and emotionally abusive towards her and her children.On March 29, Areum took to her Instagram to post a picture of herself on a hospital bed, accompanied with a caption addressing her attempt and her recovery, saying that “the hospital said it was a miracle I survived”.“I remembered my loved ones, children, family and friends at the brink of death,” she wrote, per Korea JoongAng Daily. “After realising I might never see them again, I desperately wanted to live, so I held on and regained consciousness.”In the same post, Areum also addressed several accusations a South Korean YouTuber had levied against her and her current partner, which included soliciting money from her Instagram followers for a prior hospital treatment, unrelated to the suicide attempt.“What this YouTuber has said is not true,” Areum wrote. “The man is creating victims by inflating stories without knowing the inner details.

He is harming not only me but also my innocent boyfriend to make money. I believe a lot of celebrities have been hurt and felt wronged by that YouTuber and by other malicious commentators.

I have decided to take immediate legal action and file lawsuits.”In the post, Areum also apologised to her fans for “causing concern” and thanked them for “supporting [her] till the very end”.

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