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Celtic and Rangers' combined inadequacies should carry a health warning and neither look like champions – Keith Jackson

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Granted, the Scottish government has a considerable amount on its plate at the moment.But, even so, someone somewhere inside the house on the hill may have to take a moment over the coming days to consider if the time has come to issue a public health warning, where this season’s climax to the domestic football season is concerned.

Because, while neither Rangers nor Celtic appear to have the heart to finish off the job they started back in August, the consequence of their combined inadequacies can’t possibly be good for the old ticker.The nation’s stress levels were in serious danger of disappearing off the charts yesterday all the way from Ferguslie Park to Broughty Ferry as the pair of them took it in turns to test the blood pressure of their own supporters.

And if this is the way they mean to continue over the course of the next four weeks, then we’ll be counting the casualties up before it’s all over and one of them emerges with the trophy in hand.Yes, they might well shrug and wonder what all the fuss is about given that both of them took three points from awkward away venues in the first weekend of post split fixtures.

But the truth is neither of them look much like champions right now and the deficiencies are so noticeable that even their own fans can see them.Brendan Rodgers says his players can be relied upon to get their trophy heads on at this point in the season but they were a frazzled and confused bunch at Dens Park yesterday afternoon.

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