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‘Goop’ contributor and former surgeon claimed smoking linked to longer lifespans

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contributor to Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, insisted in a viral December interview with celebrity physician Dr. Mikhail Varshavski.During the combative, nearly two-hour-long debate, which has racked up over 2.4 million views on YouTube, the far-out physician also cited a 2020 study that found a decrease in deaths from Parkinson’s disease among doctors who smoked. “British doctors who smoke have a 30% less incidence of Parkinson’s and dementia,” Gundry said. “Yeah, because they die of 10 other diseases beforehand,” retorted Varshavski — known as “Dr.

Mike.”Despite at one point stating that he tells people not to smoke, seconds later, Gundry again suggested the connection between smokers and longer life expectancies, insisting researchers should investigate “what is it in cigarettes that is a factor in these people who are long-lived.” Gundry, however, now appears to be trying to snuff out his controversial claims.

His team recently sent a cease and desist letter demanding Varshavski remove an Instagram clip of the interview posted earlier this month, according to a copy of the note threatening legal action obtained by The Post.

The reel was a “severe mischaracterization” of the surgeon’s views and “deceptive,” according to the letter. Days later, the clip was no longer available on Varshavski’s Instagram page, although the longer interview and an identical edited reel posted in December are still live on YouTube.

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