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Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack for Mom and the Baby

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When it comes to your hospital bag checklist, parents-to-be usually fall into two types of packers. Some are like Glamour deputy editor , who gave birth to twins last October, and claim they “definitely overpacked.” Then, there’s those of us like Glamour senior editor , who packed her hospital bag while in labor with her daughter. (Or, more accurately, her husband packed it for her, with her giving semi-coherent instructions between contractions.) “In my defense, my daughter came two weeks before her due date,” she says. “But I’m living proof that you don’t need to do it way ahead of time in your third trimester, and everything will be fine.”Putting together your hospital bag checklist is one of those tasks that can be really stressful, because there are just so many ways to do it and a million conflicting recommendations online.

Our number one tip? Check in with your hospital before you give birth, because they provide many items for free. “My hospital had newborn diapers and plenty of postpartum care supplies, but they didn’t have pacifiers, which my daughter loved immediately,” McNeal says.

Your doctor should be able to point you in the right direction to get a full list of what they provide.”To help you get started on your own list, Glamour moms selected their recommended products to pack for new mamas, partners, and, of course, the baby.Petite PlumeOnce the baby is out, it’s time to change into this cute yet functional nightgown as you get to know each other. “I never was a nightgown girlie until I gave birth, but you absolutely cannot wear pants or shorts,” McNeal says.

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