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Done ADHD Investigation Sparks Worry of Inadequate Care

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June 25, 2024Earlier this month, the Justice Department charged two top officers at the telehealth company Done Global with allegedly distributing Adderall and other stimulants for ADHD to patients who officials said did not merit a proper diagnosis.

While health officials warned that the “disruption” to Done could affect as many as 50,000 adult patients1, many of whom were already impacted by the ongoing ADHD medication shortage, this criminal action highlights another important issue: the limited access to clinical care for people with ADHD in the United States.“When a company such as Done is held legally responsible and their policies are investigated, patients under clinicians’ care may lose their prescriber, leaving them abandoned without medical care,” says David Goodman, M.D., an assistant professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.“The immediate need for medication is not easily resolved because changing providers typically involves a delay.

Without effective medication, patients’ daily performance is compromised and may lead to conflicts at home or reduced work productivity,” Goodman says. “The negative consequences mount the longer they are off their medication.”Done and other ADHD telehealth services surged in popularity during the COVID pandemic as Americans in lockdown were unable to schedule in-person doctor visits.

At the same time, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) loosened telemedicine rules regulating the prescription and distribution of controlled substances, including stimulants to treat ADHD.“Done came out of real patient pain points, including access and wait times” for clinical care, says Jacob Behrens, M.D., CEO of Envision ADHD Clinic. “They.

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