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Emmerdale star Hayley Tamaddon rushes son to hospital and thanks fans for support

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Emmerdale star Hayley Tamaddon revealed that she had to rush her son Jasper to hospital when he could not stop vomiting. Hayley first revealed that her little boy was ill when she wrote on a post on her Instagram stories: "It's 5 am.

Been awake since 4. "Jasper puked.Then again.Then the dog wanted to get on the bed to see if jaspers ok..Then the cat came in the bedroom to see what was going on.. "Jasper then fell back to sleep and the dogs at the end of the bed and the cat is asleep on the stairs and of course..

I'm wide awake." The actress then added: "Happy Easter Monday." The 47 year old then revealed to fans that she was brining her son to hospital after he couldn't stop throwing up.

Hayley wrote: "Thank you for all your gorgeous messages but Jasper has been sick so many times now (mostly over me). So nana is driving us to the hospital to get checked." She then jokingly added: "With her driving we all might need to be checked at this rate!" Hayley later added a final update, as she called her son "tough" after a long day of tests.

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