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Gut health expert warns these high-protein foods are ruining your stomach

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Gym-goers are being warned that their favourite high-protein supplements could be wreaking havoc on their gut health. It can be a challenge to find stomach-friendly fuel for workouts, and popular choices like protein bars, shakes, and pre-workout drinks may not always agree with your digestive system.Despite their widespread use, these products can cause discomfort or even bloating in some people.

Chris Dubberley, a gut health expert from Incontinence Shop, has offered his advice and recommendations.Protein bars might be convenient, but they can be tough on your stomach.

They're often loaded with isolated fibres and sugars that don't digest well and instead ferment in your gut, leading to bloating, gas, or diarrhoea.Ingredients like chicory root fibre and maltitol, which are commonly found in these bars, are known to upset more sensitive stomachs.Chris said: "Athletes should be particularly mindful of eating protein bars to avoid digestive issues during exercise.

I suggest trying protein bars with whole ingredients and minimal added sugars to help your gut health."The expert continued: "A varied diet is key to maintaining healthy gut flora, so overloading on protein powder can throw off your gut's microbial balance.

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