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Doctor issues warning to new mums on bizarre potato sock health craze

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If you've only ever considered potatoes for your Sunday roast, crisps, or chips, it's time to think outside the box.A host of influencers are tucking slices of this humble spud into their own and their children's socks as part of an odd health trend sweeping the internet.

While it might seem a tad uncomfortable to pop a potato in your sock, the method typically involves just a couple of small slices.The belief is that these potato slices will turn from their natural beige colour to a grim black overnight.

Proponents of the practice claim it draws out toxins, lowers fevers, and can even ward off sickness, reports the Mirror.One TikTok user, @g0dblesstac0s, has shared her experience using the method on her newborn, posting a video on the platform demonstrating the process. "It works!

She all better now," she captioned the clip, which shows her removing the potato-filled socks from her baby's feet. She further explained: "Using the old wives' tale of putting a piece of potato in the baby's sock to take away their sickness."This mum isn't alone in her potato trials; her video quickly attracted a flurry of curious comments.One viewer enquired: "Does it help with runny nose? ", to which she responded: "Yes, all cold symptoms! " Another questioned: "How about congestion?

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