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'Dune: Messiah' Cast: 9 Actors Expected to Return for Third Movie, 5 Stars Seemingly Won't Be Back

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Dune 3 is pretty much confirmed to happen and interest in a third movie will definitely go up now that Dune: Part Two is streaming on Max.

Director Denis Villeneuve has revealed that he’s already writing the third movie, based on the novel Dune: Messiah. “The screenplay’s in progress,” he told Vanity Fair. “I’m very happy where it’s going, but it’s not finished, and I don’t know how healthy it’ll be to go straight to ‘Messiah’ right away.

It would be healthy to do something in between.” “I want to make sure that if we go back there a third time that it’ll be worth it, and that it would make something even better than Part Two,” he added.

A report on April 4 revealed that the movie is actively in development. If and when the movie is made, we can expect that a bunch of actors will return to reprise their roles, but we already know that some others likely won’t be back.

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