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“Sibling Squabbles Are a Big Hot Button for Us”

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On the cusp of summer, ADDitude asked caregivers: What are your trouble spots in managing children during the long school break?

How do you overcome these issues? Here’s what they shared:“I take advantage of the morning coolness and plan outdoor activities before the summer sun heats up. One child is very sensitive to heat, so indoor activities take up the afternoon.

I allow screen time later in the day. If I allow this too early, I’ve lost them for the rest of the day.”“All of my kids have ADHD, and they get on each other’s nerves, so separating them as much as possible works best. I schedule activities at different times.

When one child is busy, I spend one-on-one time with the other.”[Free Download: 20 Secrets to a Smarter Summer]“We have three kids, two with ADHD and one with AuDHD. We arrange for camps at staggered times, so when they start to get bored, there’s another camp to go to.”“Both my kids have ADHD.

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