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Foreign Office issues health alert after serious illness found in UK travellers

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The Foreign Office has issued a warning following the detection of a severe illness in individuals returning to the UK. Three instances of meningococcal disease have been reported, according to Travel Health Pro, a subdivision of the government department.

Characterised as a grave bacterial infection with a high fatality rate, it can develop into meningitis and sepsis. Rapid progression is typical, resulting in emergent medical assistance and swift administration of antibiotics being necessary, cautions the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

A dozen incidents involving invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) have been recorded - four in France, five in the United States until May 17, almost all cases were involved in the Umrah pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

The majority of these cases are associated with meningococcus serogroup W, with no vaccination history. READ MORE:  Gynaecologist hauled before courts after causing 'severe harm and emotional distress' Clarifying the severity, ECDC stated: "IMD is an acute severe bacterial infection, with high case fatality, presenting with meningitis and/or sepsis, often with a rapid progression, requiring medical support and prompt treatment with antibiotics.

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